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Sea-Tac Airport
Long-Term Parking

Parking for Longer Trips

There are a variety of long-term parking options at Sea-Tac Airport and at airport parking businesses. The options include weekly and monthly parking rates.

Seatac Parking Garage

At the Sea-Tac airport garage, they offer weekly parking at terminal direct, which is on floor 4 of the parking garage. It’s the shortest walk to the terminal.

The cost for weekly terminal direct parking is about $300. The daily rate is about $45.

They also offer weekly parking in the general parking areas, which are floors 1-3 and 5-8 of the garage. General parking costs about $170 per week. The daily rate is about $35.

The SEA Airport's onsite parking garage has over 12,000 parking spaces available that include both short-term and long-term parking options. A variety of options are available for both business and leisure travelers.

While that may seem like a lot of parking spots, you'll want to have a reservation as the garage does sell out. There is often high demand and you'll want to reserve airport parking well in advance.

Grage Spirals

Monthly Parking

The airport garage offers an unlimited monthly parking option for travelers, which is currently known as the Passport Parking monthly parking program.

Passport parking is the most efficient and convenient way to park and get in and out of Sea-Tac. You get direct skybridge access to the airport’s main terminal.

Passport parking costs about $425 per month. You can request more detailed info about the program here.

They also offer monthly parking at nearby airport parking businesses such as WallyPark. These will typically cost less but not be as convenient as parking at the airport garage.

You can learn more about affordable Sea-Tac Airport parking businesses here.

You can usually save on parking rates by booking online, and you will want a reservation. Check our coupons page to get great details on long-term Sea-Tac airport parking.

Offsite Garage

Extended Stays

Travelers do have the option to leave their vehicles for more than 30 days at airport parking but they do need to make arrangements in advance.

Travelers wanting to park more than 30 days must pre-book online or make arrangements through the airport’s public parking office.

Without pre-booking or making the arrangements, vehicles parked for more than 30 days at the airport garage could be towed at the owner’s expense.

There are also extended stay options, which should be made in advance, at airport parking businesses. Typically outdoor self-parking will be the most affordable while ‘premier garages’ will be more expensive.

When health conditions allow, these businesses may also offer added services such as valet parking or car wash.


Electric vehicle (EV) specific parking is also available at the airport garage. However, availability is limited, it’s on a first-come-first-serve basis, and it has 120 voltage for charging.

If you'd like EV parking, you should allow for extra time to find an available stall.

Currently the airport garage has 48 EV parking spaces with free charging for parking customers. Customers must provide their own charging cord.

Seatac Airport Parking


There is a specific outdoor parking area for over-height vehicles at the airport garage. This entrance is accessible via International Boulevard.

At the airport parking garage, vehicle height is limited to a 6’10” max clearance.

Motorcycle parking is available in the garage. Motorcycles pay the same rates as automobiles on all parking options.

There are also ADA-designated parking spaces at the airport garage. They are on the 5th floor in general parking and on the 4th floor in the terminal direct parking. You can get a map to the parking garage here.

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